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CSL's Code of Responsible Business Practice)

Code of Responsible Business Practice

Code of Responsible Business Practice

CSL aspires to maintain high standards of business practice and be a responsible employer and this Code is intended to set out the minimum standards applicable to our employees across the world. CSL’s legal obligations will be consistent with those that are applicable under local laws. This Code of Responsible Business Practice (Code) sets out the principles of conduct that underpin our Values:

  • Conducting CSL’s business with the utmost integrity;
  • Rules guiding employees and directors towards ethical decisions;
  • Generally accepted workplace relations principles;
  • Ensuring the quality of our products and the safety of our patients, plasma donors, employees and third parties;
  • Supporting innovation through investment in research and development and across all aspects of our business;
  • Contributing to the development of public policy in our areas of expertise;
  • Responsible environmental practices; and
  • Guidance for creating and maintaining beneficial relationships with all the communities in which we operate.

We have developed this code and supplementary policies and procedures to ensure that:

  • Our customers and the broader community can be confident that CSL is committed to operating with the highest integrity at all times;
  • Our contractors, suppliers and distributors know what to expect from a business relationship with CSL and the expectations we have of them; and
  • Our employees understand both their obligations to CSL and CSL's obligations to them.

Raising a business conduct concern

We encourage a workplace where people seek assistance if they are uncertain about what to do. We also encourage those with whom we interact, to raise queries and concerns about the way we conduct our business.

Contacting NAVEX

CSL has engaged NAVEX to facilitate the reporting, anonymously if necessary, of improper conduct or other queries or concerns. NAVEX can also facilitate communication relating to any subsequent investigation or resolution. You can contact NAVEX by telephone or online.

Please reference for the CSL Limited Code of Responsible Business Practice.